HVAC Technician Brooklyn, NY – Residential Services

residential hvac technicianResidential HVAC Technician 

For residential services meet or speak with an experienced hvac technician at Gemini. We provide residential repair, maintenance and installation for all heaters, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and ductless mini split systems. Our hvac technicians service many residences both new and old throughout the New York City area.

Service Available Around the Clock

We all depend on our climate control systems throughout the year. We may not be prepared for an unexpected malfunction. Fast and convenient service with knowledge & expertise is what you want when your system suddenly goes out of order. We are centrally located in New York City, and our 24/7 emergency service is ready to reach you in a timely manner. Our hvac technician will inspect your system and consult with you on the best options for restoring your system. Depend on us for honest advise. We’ll give you the best options for your budget and get you back in the comfort zone quickly and efficiently.

Complete Residential HVAC Installation, Maintenance & Repair

When the best option for an old inefficient system is replacement we will offer you quality and affordable options from major name brands like Trane, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Goodman and more. Whether it’s replacing an AC, boiler, furnace or heat pump, we offer expertise in all areas. Choose from installation of heat and air conditioning systems, furnace only, AC only, mini split systems, or air duct installation. We will also retrofit older heat and AC systems to bring them up to code and improve their efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance Plans & Individual Services

Our regular maintenance plan will keep your homes’ heat and AC system up and running without interruption. A Gemini hvac technician will inspect, tighten up, clean and replace old worn parts before they break. Regular maintenance could not only prevent an unwanted breakdown, but also prolong the life of your system. Our technician will give you expert advise and do it yourself tips on keeping your system running at it’s highest efficiency.

Residential Indoor Air Quality 

We also offer residential service for indoor air quality control. Indoor air can be 2-3 times dirtier than outdoors. Increase efficiency and indoor air quality inside with duct cleaning and air purification components. We install air cleaning climate control systems with HEPA filters, UV purifiers and humidifiers. Call now to speak with a technician.

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