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hvac systemHVAC System Components

Gemini Thermo HVAC offers a full line of new heating, air conditioning & ventilation products from all major manufacturers such as Trane, Goodman, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Honeywell and Lennox.  Here you will find the most widely used HVAC system components which are available from us with manufacturer’s warranties and our service warranty. Have a free consultation with one of our HVAC technicians to determine which equipment will best suit your needs & budget. We will work with you to help you find which HVAC system will work best for your home or business.  We offer complete services including installation, maintenance & repair of all equipment.

gas water boilerWater Boilers

Shown here are the most common type of water heaters – storage tanks heated by natural gas or electric. Standard gas heaters cost less to run then standard electric heaters, though the units themselves cost more to purchase than electric units. There are even more efficient gas & electric water heaters. The electric heat pump water heater is said to use 60% less energy than standard electric heaters.  Natural gas condensing water heaters are more efficient for larger volumes over 55 gallons such as for commerical properties.

gas furnaceForced Air Furnaces / Heaters

Forced air heaters also can be powered by natural gas (propane) or electric, as well as oil.  These units are generally installed along with central air conditioning. The system delivers the air through ductwork & out vents.  A large fan called an air handler forces the heated or cooled air through the HVAC system. Operation costs for gas, electric or oil depends more on your location as energy costs for each vary from place to place. In New York city natural gas furnaces are the most common with propane being somewhat inexpensive.

steam-radiatorSteam Radiator Heaters

According to the New York Times an estimated 70% of large buildings in New York City are heated by these type of heaters. Water is heated by the water boiler. The pressurized water is delivered through pipes to the radiators. The heated metal emits heat into the room.  This is the type of system which became common with the development of large buildings in New York City. And it is what has remained in place since. Though the systems are relatively simple to maintain it is less efficient, can be more difficult to control and can also be noisy. Most buildings have kept the systems in place due to the high cost of conversion to newer more efficient systems like forced air gas furnaces.

heat pumpHeat Pumps

The electric heat pump works like an air conditioner to provide both heat and cooling. It extracts either heat or cold from the outside air or ground and transfers it to rooms. Heat pumps also work as central heating and air conditioning systems delivering forced air from a compressor through air handlers, ducts & vents. The main unit is installed outside and supplies hot or cold air to the air handler through tubing. They generally run more efficiently than standalone electric furnaces & air conditioners. The initial costs of the units & installation, as well as maintenance can be more however.  Energy costs can vary from time to time. Whether a heat pump will save money in the long run when comparing to a gas, oil or electric furnace will depend on the running cost of each type of energy.

ductless-mini-splitDuctless Mini Split AC / Heat Pump

The ductless mini split AC is also a heat pump system providing both heating & cooling.  With the ductless system, the main unit outside provides heating & cooling to individual air handlers through refrigerant lines. Each individual room or office has it’s own air handler. With this hvac system rooms or zones can be controlled individually. This is very efficient and requires no ductwork.  Mini split systems have become a very affordable and sensible solution for many homes and businesses in New York City.


Radiant Floor Heating 

An attractive heating alternative system is the radiant floor heating. It is particularly suitable for new installs or when flooring is being replaced. This type of system runs heated water from a water boiler through tubing beneath the floor. Heat rises from the floor up. It is among the most cost efficient system to operate.  More about radiant floor heating & installation by Gemini.

central airCentral Air Conditioning

A standalone central air conditioning system provides cool air through ducts. Unlike a heat pump, which also runs a compressor,  it does cooling only. This type of unit generally costs less than a heat pump. Today there are many highly efficient units available and sometimes it is worthwhile to replace an older inefficient unit. Central air conditioning provides cold air to all rooms & hallways at once. Unlike the ductless mini split systems which require an air handler & tubing on the wall,  it is completely out of sight except for the outside unit. When compared to window air conditioners which can be noisy, central air is very quiet.

air handlerAir Handlers

Any hvac system with forced air uses an air handler. These are large electric fans which push air through the ductwork and out vents. Furnaces, central air conditioners & heat pumps all work in combination with air handlers. These are available in all various sizes and capacities & configurations, for indoor or outdoor, stacked, roof or floor mounted. They may be equipped with air filters, UV air purifiers & humidifiers for indoor air quality.



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