Radiant Floor Heating

Gemini Thermo HVAC offers installation of radiant floor heating systems. We are also owners of Gemini Floor Services. We specialize in both hvac & flooring. We handle the entire installation of radiant floor heating systems.

Radiant floor heating is a great way to heat a whole house or just certain rooms depending on whether it’s a hydronic or electric system. Hydronic heating, the most common, is an efficient energy saving system which can reduce heating costs by 30-50%. Hot water is pumped from the water heater through a plastic tubing network beneath the floor. Electric systems are more costly to run. They use cables to heat the floor. These systems are more suited for heating certain rooms like bathrooms. Either systems may use reflective heat transfer panels which direct heat upwards through the floor. The heat rises, evenly heating the room.

radiant floor heatingHydronic floor heating systems are the most efficient type of heating when compared with other systems namely forced air or mini split heat pumps. The initial cost can be about 50% more than the others. The investment eventually pays off through savings on heating bills. Plus it is the most even way to distribute heat & the most comfortable. There are no cold spots & temperature fluctuations throughout the room or house as other systems may have. There’s no warm rooms with cold floors, but rather constant & even heat throughout.

Because heat rises up, having the heat coming from the floor is most efficient. Other systems tend to have warm air above head, becoming cooler downward towards the floor and leaving the floor cold. Water boilers also operate efficiently using relatively low energy to heat water. All of this means significant energy cost savings.

radiant heatWith a radiant floor heating system rooms can be heated up in minutes. It’s also possible to have a separate thermostat in each room allowing each room it’s own temperature setting.

Radiant floor heating is very quiet, no pinging or blowing sounds like forced air. And there’s no possibility of dust or allergens being blow around.

Radiant floor heating works especially well with ceramic or stone which have the highest ability to transfer heat. Engineered wood also works well. Solid hardwood can be used also but the advantage of engineered wood is it does not shrink & expand like hardwood tends to when exposed to changes in temperature & humidity, and this can create gaps between boards which come & go.

When installing a new floor it’s the ideal time to add radiant floor heating. Any water heater in good condition is suitable. It is efficient no matter whether the water is heated by gas, electric, wood, oil or solar. To maximize efficiency a newer gas modulating & condensing boiler works best.

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