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Gemini Thermo HVAC specializes in ductless air conditioner mini split heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair. Recent innovations have made these systems very popular as whole house cooling & heating systems. This is because of their very high energy efficiency & the other advantages of a ductless system.

Sometimes referred to as a ductless air conditioner, the split mini is a heat pump or an air conditioner which both cools and heats. A main unit compressor/condensor is installed outside and connects to multiple indoor units through conduit tubing containing both electrical & refrigerant lines. This setup enables systems to be installed where there’s no ducts. Rooms or zones can be controlled individually. There is no need to heat or cool unoccupied rooms as with central ducted systems.

Save With Highly Efficient Ductless Cooling & Heating 

These electric powered systems are designed in a way which generates hot and cold air more efficiently than standalone electric furnaces or air conditioners. This combined with the ability to have individual thermostats in each room or zone makes a highly efficient system which can save thousands on annual energy costs. Cooling costs can be up to 40% less. The ductless air conditioner is also efficient because of the fact that it is ductless. Ductwork can account for large energy losses when there are leaky ducts. With the ductless system, the air is not carried from far to each room, but rather it is generated directly from the unit in the room.

Ductless Air Conditioner Easy Installation

Ductless also means that the systems are more ready & easy to install. The outdoor units are lightweight & compact, requiring less space than standard central air conditioners. They can be installed anywhere without the need of ductwork. This makes the ductless air conditioner a great option for practically any space. It is especially practical for renovations and new additions, new buildings and homes where ductwork cannot fit. Installations are much easier than renovating & installing ductwork for central systems.

High Air Quality With The Ductless System

Air quality is also an advantage. These systems are designed with multi part filtration systems to eliminate contaminants from the air. The filters are long lasting and easy to maintain. Ductwork tends to accumulate & circulate dust carrying allergens, odors and bacteria. The ductwork needs to be cleaned periodically. This problem is eliminated with the ductless system.

more about ductless mini splits on energy.gov

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