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Gemini Thermo HVAC provides a full range of services for your heating system. There are several components to heating systems. Your home or business may consist of a combination of these.

We service all heating equipment: Furnaces, Water Boilers, Heat Pumps, Radiators & Air Handlers. Older buildings may have radiator heating systems where water heated by a water boiler is sent to radiators which release heat into the building. More common are forced air systems. A water boiler is still used for heating water for faucets and showers. The air is heated by either a furnace or by an electric heat pump. The furnace may be either an oil furnace, natural gas furnace, or electric furnace.

Forced air heating systems are the most common in homes.  Central air conditioning is usually installed along with a furnace and the hot or cold air is forced out by a fan called an air handler.  In the case of an electric heat pump, the pump both heats and cools and the air is forced through ducts as well. In forced air systems these components are typically combined into one unit.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini split systems are also controlled by electric heat pumps which both heat and cool. In this type of system refrigerant lines run from the main unit outdoors to indoor individual units. These units blow the air out into each room. One of the advantages is that you can control the climate separately in each room or zone.

These systems are in many cases more efficient and save space by not requiring ductwork. However aesthetics is a consideration with refrigerant lines and blower units being placed on the walls. Ductless systems are ideal in new home construction or for additions. In buildings with existing duct work it may be more immediately affordable to replace an old furnace or AC.

Radiant Heating Systems

There is also what is called a radiant heat system. With radiant heating it is the water boiler that provides the heat. Water lines are placed beneath the flooring and heat is generated from the floor. This type of system does not require duct work or vents, as does forced air, and it is highly efficient. It is ideal in new home construction where flooring is yet to be installed, or in any home where new flooring is being considered. Click here to read more about radiant heating systems installed by Gemini.

Complete Services for all Heat Systems

Gemini Thermo HVAC provides services for all of the above systems. From our central location at 119 Schenectady Ave, Brooklyn, NY we offer service to New York’s 5 boroughs & surrounding areas. We cover installations, repairs and maintenance for all heating components including furnaces, boilers, radiators, heat pumps and blowers. Consider us for regular maintenance to your system. Efficient and dependable running of your system is a matter of cost, comfort, health and safety.

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