HVAC Efficiency Tips To Reduce Cooling Costs

hvac efficiencySummer is Here – Time for A/C’s To Kick Into Gear.  Once again, summer has arrived in a flash. The official first day of summer is only 1 week away. Before high temperatures arrive, now is a good time to take a few simple steps to prepare your system for maximum HVAC efficiency. Most homes spend $90-$100 a month on heating & cooling alone. You can cut down on these costs significantly. Here are some energy saving tips to keep your cooling system running top notch this summer.

Clean or Replace Air Filter – Easy HVAC efficiency:

Top of the list, quickest, easiest & most effective is to clean or replace your air filter. This alone could save up to 15% in cooling (or heating) costs. If you have a washable filter, give it a good rinse. Otherwise replace with a new filter. This should really be done every month. Most people though probably do it only every few months or neglectfully only after 6 months. A clogged filter stops air flow and causes the system to work much harder, reducing HVAC efficiency. This can increase energy costs, reduce the life of the system or increase repair costs. Unclean air can get circulated throughout which may cause health issues.

Clean & Clear The Outdoor Unit’s Exterior & Drain:

air-conditioning-unitsMake sure the outdoor unit’s airflow is not obstructed by any bushes, leaves or debris. You can easily clear the exterior of the unit without disassembling anything. You want to keep air flow clean and clear on all sides. Also, having the outdoor unit in the shade under a tree or awning can help it operate up to 10% more HVAC efficiently.

While you’re at it make sure the outside drain is clear. This allows condensation to drain out when the air conditioning is running. A clogged drain can cause flooding and reduce the efficiency of your system.

Clean & Open Vents:

Make sure all your vents are clean and opened where they need to be. The same principle applies here. You want air flow to be clean and unobstructed. Vents are sometimes closed & forgotten. Keep them clean and open so clean air can flow & circulate.

Use Fans For Better Circulation:

Fans will help increase air circulation and prevent air from becoming stagnant. Because heat rises warm air tends to accumulate towards the ceiling or top floors. Keeping the air moving will more evenly distribute the cool air. This will keep the place cooler in general giving less work to your cooling system.

Seal Crevices and Openings:

Make sure to seal all openings to keep cool air in and warm air out. Check around all doors, windows and vents. If you’re a real do it yourselfer you can check your duct system in the attic or celings. Leaky ductwork can significantly increase your energy bill.

Get a Tune Up

A quick, professional tune up once a year can help extend the life of your hvac system. A standard tune up is not too costly and can reduce repair costs and save on energy bills. A Gemini HVAC tech will disassemble, clean, test and fine tune your HVAC units indoor & outdoor components. They can also clear the drain if required.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

With a programmable thermostat you can set the temperature for the ideal settings of when you’re home and away. If your system has zones or is ductless, you can set temperatures for rooms individually. This can also help reduce some of the cost of cooling.

Replace Older HVAC System

Newer systems can provide as much as 50% more HVAC efficiently than systems that are 10 or more years old. If you have older equipment it is worth considering to replace the outdoor compressor or the whole system. Find one with a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of at least 13. Consider the long term savings when looking at the initial installation cost.

Contact us anytime for any of these services. We offer tune ups, repairs and replacements on all brands of HVAC equipment. Call now for a free estimate. Consider a ductless mini split system for greater HVAC efficiency.

You may also consider an energy radiant heating system installed by Geminifloors.


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